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Max’s Best and Worst of 2011


            Even though I’ve only been reviewing movies here for about a month, I felt it was necessary to post a Best of 2011.  And of course, you can’t have a Best of without a Worst of.  So here it is folks, in no particular order, The Best and Worst of 2011




Ides of March

Great performances and very engaging the whole way through.  For me, an instant classic


The Rum Diary

Every once in a while, I need a movie to remind me why I love Johnny Depp


Take Shelter

Shows you how to do a “person slowly going crazy” movie.  Very trippy


The Help

The biggest surprise of the year.  Very touching and actually made me want to read the book


Planet of the Apes

Amazing effects and had me pumped throughout the entire movie.  Apes are scary


Captain America

Of the numerous super hero movies to come out this summer, this was my favorite


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2

A great ending to an epic story that I grew up with



Movie that made me really like Ryan Gosling and an intelligent but bloody action flick



Very original and smart.  Very cool camera effects and soundtrack



Without a doubt, my favorite movie of this year.  Character design and animation are unmatched.  Very funny, very touching, very enjoyable.  This is why I love movies


Honorable Mentions

Win Win

Super 8

Kung Fu Panda 2



Fright Night






Jack and Jill

This is why I can’t stand Adam Sandler


We Bought a Zoo

Completely nonsensical and amateurish



Not gonna fall for the pretty colors and loud music.  This makes no goddamn sense


The Eagle

Looks very cheep.  Terrible acting and almost no respect for the time period



My absolute least favorite type of movie… dumb gross comedies



Almost hilariously mediocre and not even as good as Twilight… yikes



The only movie I’ve ever walked out of… nuff said


Something Borrowed

Totally absurd relationships and characters that don’t act like real people in the least


Hoodwinked Too:  Hood vs. Evil

Jokes recycled from Fifty years ago and horrible, horrible, horrible animation.  Completely lazy


The Zookeeper

C’mon, little kids are pretty dumb, but they’re not this dumb


Not so Honorable Mentions

Sucker Punch


Judy Moody

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Our Idiot Brother

Killer Elite

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